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User Experience Design & Development

Case Study


Poplar is an InHouse web app for Tree of Life Bookstores. Primarily used for product inventory. 


Jamie Keys
David Robinette

My Role

User Experience Design, Research, & Development


The previous software that our company used for textbook inventory was outdated. Not only the aesthetics but the functionality. The previous app did not give users the feedback they desired, when doing textbook inventory. Also when the employees would do an inventory count, it would take them 2 days. 


I updatd the UI with user feedback, interaction design and a new work flow. Now, when the employees do a warehouse inventory count, it only takes them 6 hours. 


I interacted with the current app. Watched how the users interact with the app and determined the common user work flow. Started sketching and wireframing, then to design and prototyping and developing. 

General Merchandising mode home page

Serial mode home page