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User Interface Design & Development

Case Study
Tree of life bookstores


Tree Of Life Bookstores is a bookstore that caters to college and K-12 schools. 


Jamie Keys

My Role

User Interface Design Development


TOL’s site was outdated. There was no vibrancy that is displayed in the work atmosophere. The site needed to be brought to life, so I updated it. 

What I learned and current issues

This was my first site that I developed and designed. I learned a lot on the way and there is a lot I wish I can change. With the knowledge I now have, the main problem with this new site is that Tree of life caters to, three main users – students, prospective clients, and general users who stumble upon the site. The new site does not function for the three main use cases. If I have the chance to do this again, I would build user personas and have different user flow maps target for each user. I would accomplish that by having a main landing page that will guide the user to what they are wanting. 

– If we have to explain the site to the user, than it should not be used.